Our story


Two years ago, I got an idea. A glove to control drones. How cool wouldn't that be?! Sharing my idea, I soon got some traction, and decided to go for it! I worked on it alone for about half a year, and even started my own company, with my mother and brother as co-founders. Arveng Technologies was born.

Then I realized that I needed help. That I would never be able to make this work all by myself. So I started talking about it at NTNU where I was studying (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology), and people began to notice. That’s how I met Moina. He had heard about my project at school, and invited me to a Halloween party at his house. And when he realized that I actually showed up, he pulled me aside, and opened a bottle of high-end whiskey. We immediately hit it off. And we ended up talking for hours.

Moina was super-excited about the technology and the limitless possibilities that lies within the realm of intuitive and natural control of machines. Moina is a dreamer. He dares to think BIG. And act on it. And that’s what makes all the difference.

Moina became the first team member outside my family, although I almost count him as family now. We went around at campus, pitching our idea and our vision to students in between lectures. Within weeks we had assembled 10 motivated students who wanted to help us on our journey.

During the spring of 2017, we made the first (partly) functional glove that could transmit data to a computer wirelessly, prototype v2. We also made our first collaboration with Trondheim native BLJ Engineering, who made us a nice mockup glove to showcase a potential design.

 This was enough to get traction at Norways leading conference in the Startup scene – Startup Extreme.

We also established a partnership with Nordic Semiconductor that spring, a leading manufacturer of integrated circuits (IC) for wireless communication, with extremely low power consumption. This led to a collaboration where they offered two paid Summer Internships, so we could work full-time on developing our solution.

Then I went on for my exchange year as a part of my education, and headed to UCSB (University of Santa Barbara, California). Moina as COO took care of the Company’s business here in Norway, while I started a project overseas. Convincing the Department of Computer Engineering at UCSB that this Human-Machine interaction Smart Glove (HuMI Smart Glove) was a good idea, we managed to get 5 forth year B.A students of Computer Engineering to work on developing prototype v4, as a part of their course schedule. Meanwhile in Norway, Moina and the rest of the team began a recruitment process to get more people onboard. In addition, they pitched at UKA Technology Conference, and participated in Angel Challenge, were we placed among the top 10 finalists.

In January of 2018 I decided to get back home (instead of going to UPM, Madrid for another half year), to focus on the business. This proved to be a wise move, as the company has been thriving lately, and in addition to making prototype v5 work with several drones, we have secured investors who believe in our product and our vision:

With our technology, we want to make human-machine
interaction intuitive and more natural”

Arveng Technologies now aims to become the preferred vendor of custom wearable control system solutions, for people who need natural and intuitive control of their machines.

And we will get there!