Proof of concept


Why Drones?

Most first time users will admit that controlling a drone is not easy at first, and the reason for that may very well be the way we are currently controlling them.

For decades the same old type of RC-controller has been used as the main controller for drones, and we at Arveng Technologies think that the time has come to make this easier, more intuitive and more natural. And what is more natural than controlling something with our own hands?

There is currently a myriad of existing controller mechanisms for drones today. What they all have in common are the sticks, which is the mainstream way to give controller input to your drone. If you were given a drone, and were told to control it the way you felt natural - would folding your hands around a plastic box and moving your thumbs around in small circles be your preferred method of doing it?

Our Future

Controlling systems have come to a standstill. Spaceshuttles still use buttons and levers. Excavators require tons of user training though one could easily visualize what one would want it to do. Hoists are controlled from the top with levers, whilst we don’t see why it could be intuitively controlled from the ground by those closest to the cargo.

The technology to make intuitive systems already exists but it needs to be put into system, intelligent programs for this need time to calibrate and we aim to create a platform which can be broadly used.

Our dream is that our product(s) one day will be used on a broad scale, making it easier and more effective for anyone to control anything. That be from an industrial perspective or simply fun and play like controlling a drone but also precisely controlling a robot arm.

Our goal is to launch a functioning Beta glove, but more importantly display the potential of the HuMI Smart Glove. Our product will have the user imagining new use cases with us. And we will tell the story together with our customers.